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Easy Peasy Robotics Online Crash Course WEB20

Course at glance

Humanoid robots are complex machines, equipped with devices for visual, touch, auditory and force sensing, and embodied with sophisticated algorithms that enable to interact with the surrounding world. Building and programming such robots require expertise in different topics encompassing CAD design, control theory, computer vision, machine learning and software engineering.

We at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) know quite well what building humanoids means in terms of the effort and the struggle we have to devote to getting a beautiful mechanical body that finally does what we have studied hard to realize. But we also know how exciting and intriguing the science and the technology behind robotics can be and we have been always thrilled to share this awesome learning experience with novices. This is why we continue to organize supporting initiatives like our summer/winter schools and the Easy Peasy Robotics Crash Course.

In detail, the aim of the 4-days online crash course is to provide participants with a brief overview of the research problems and applications related to humanoid robot programming, from perception to control. Also, we will cover aspects of mechanical design in simple scenarios to highlight the tight connection among all the steps of the design chain from the ground up and thus to call attention to the importance of developing a multidisciplinary approach to robotics.

Unlike the past editions of Easy Peasy Robotics that we held in presence, the 🌐 WEB20 event will be fully online in live streaming and will take place in πŸ“… October 2020, from Monday 26/10 to Thursday 29/10.

Read up the course program to find out more.

Thereby, the course comprises a set of lectures followed by hands-on sessions, where we will make use of advanced online tools to walk you through the basics of how to design printable objects, and how to conceive and put to test in a simulated environment the control of the iCub humanoid. These tools will be running in the cloud and accessible in the browser, hence no installation is needed on your own PC.

Importantly, the fourth day of the course we will make the sim-to-real leap that will allow us to challenge you on what you have learned in simulation and see how well your code will perform in a physical setting when controlling a real iCub head πŸ€–

We will make sure that your software can be deployed seamlessly on our system at IIT and you will be watching your demo playing live on the iCub! ✨

In addition and to avoid burning out your brains with a continuous flow of bits πŸ˜„, we will give you intermediate sessions to explore together methods for improving soft skills, to better engage in teams and foster collaboration among peers, which are all key in software development and more in general for your professional career. You will certainly enjoy these inspiring β€œpills” too!

Β  Summary
🏫 What Easy Peasy Robotics Crash Course WEB20
πŸ“… When From 26 to 29 October 2020
🌐 Where Live, Online
πŸ—£ Language English
πŸ“† Application Deadline 02 October 2020
βœ” Notification of Acceptance 06 October 2020

At the end of the crash course, you will be able to learn and exercise the foundamental principles of:

Apply to participate

If you are an undergrad, a maker, a young scholar or a passionate who loves robotics and wants to know more, or you are simply curious about how a robot works under the hood, do not hesitate to join our crash course and apply by following the instructions outlined in the πŸ“ submission page.

Be aware of the requirements below:



The WEB20 edition of the Easy Peasy Robotics Crash Course is sponsored by the TERRINet EU initiative.